Tuesday, January 27, 2009

winter in florida

well would you beleive i am having my first experience as a retired senior I am actually spending four weeks in Florida with my sweetheart Carol. we have a lovely Condo with the best view in Florida highlights af course the weather every day except two are at 75 high 69 low tommarow it is supposed to hit 80 yes that is 80 my Utah friends evey day we marvel no coats no sweaters our condo allows the breeze to come through we sleep with the sliding door open after that the company we are keeping with Kate and Roger Ther home is in the same building we have delightfull dinners in there lovely home then there is the boat rides on there 32ft motor boat we have had several but there is the ONE we left port headed south we enterer the keys our d estination alabama jacks thats right winter sufferers ALABAMA JACKS we took the route perscribed but no find ther we made turn into cove that would warm the heart of any pirate of old to float up to this spooky lookin joint tunes where coming forth country of course harleys linig the street we are ther docked the boat along side bikers and asortted characters of every description help us dock music is from a live band crowd is loud and lively our house guests Carol lynn and Michelle fit right in all food is deep fried and the beer flows forth like a well of good tims for all we love alabama jacks. Roger was especiall happy for this was the farthest he has been south and prepared him and K ate for their adventures that are coming forth soon. OTHER HIGHLIGHTS Bethany an Danny plus little Cheribs came to visit they had good time WE golfed often my game was rather good Carols was good also. went to an Atique Trade show , to an Estate owned by the Founder of Harvester international then today we went to the larger estate of his brother wow what an estate this was something spectacular hard to describe every room remarkable and full of tapestries and sculpturs home is on the bay so water comes right up to it . both of these homes wher built about 1920 remarkable.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

The 21st Century -- Larry finally arrives

I sent my first email last week to my grandson Dustin. My second was to my daughter Jennifer for her birthday. Now I am actually perusing the internet. I found a picture of my first car, exactly as I bought it.

Sometime soon I will post a picture of the actual car after I was finished customizing it.

My car won 1st prize in the 1958 Lagoon Auto-Rama for Paint.

As I write this, I'm in Florida enjoying, as my daughter Carol-Lyn would say, old age. As you might imagine, I am shocked to find myself involved in the 21st Century. So prepare yourself for emails, etc. That's it for now.